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Terms and Business Conditions (TBC) elly swiss AG Webshop

1. Applicability

These General Business Conditions (GBC) apply to all product orders via webshop of elly swiss AG under

2. Responsibility for Webshop (legal notice)

The legal responsibility for the webshop lies with:

elly swiss AG
Hauptstrasse 72
4422 Arisdorf
HR-Nr: CH- / UID CHE-214.165.559

3. Offer and Acceptance

3.1 The display of products in the webshop by elly swiss AG does not represent a legally binding offer, but rather an invitation to order. The correction of errors in the displayed information by elly swiss AG remains reserved at any time.

3.2 By clicking the button PAYMENT, the customer makes a binding offer to purchase the goods listed in the virtual shopping bag, against payment of the total costs displayed (price of goods, VAT, shipping costs, discounts). The customer then receives a confirmation of the order by email. elly swiss AG accepts the offer and the purchase contract is therewith concluded when elly swiss AG asks the customer for payment within the further online-purchase procedure. Reception of payment is confirmed to the customer by email. Up to the point of time of shipment, elly swiss AG is entitled to cancel orders without any justification and without any further legal consequences, in which case payment is fully refunded.

4. Prices and Shipping Costs

4.1 As far as not expressly mentioned otherwise, all prices in the webshop are indicated in CHF.

4.2 The prices indicated in the webshop are as far as not expressly mentioned otherwise without VAT and without shipping costs.

5. Payment and Delivery

5.1 Delivery is effected only against advance payment. Payment is effected by credit card or bank transfer, in CHF. Credit card information is entered by the customer over an internet data platform of a professional electronic payment service provider (Postfinance), with data link secured state of the art for electronic payment processes.

5.2 Purchased products are usually shipped within 2-3 working days after reception of payment by elly swiss AG. In case of delayed delivery, the customer will be notified.

6. Warranty, Guarantee, Liability

6.1 Assuming normal storage conditions (room temperature), elly swiss AG guarantees for its products a shelf-life of 18 months after shipment.

6.2 Upon reception, the customer is obliged to inspect delivered products for any defects.

6.3 elly swiss AG has to be notified about defective products immediately, the latest within 14 (fourteen) days after discovery by customer. The notification has to be sent in writing, using the completely filled out form provided for download by elly swiss AG return form and with the defective product enclosed. In case of notification of defects, elly swiss AG is entitled to have the alleged defects inspected at its choice either by its employees or by external experts. In case the notification of defects proves to be valid and justified, the customer will receive a replacement product at no extra costs for returning the defective product.

6.4 As far as possible under the applicable law, any liability for damages resulting from defective products is excluded.

7. Cancellation Right

Regardless of the reasons, the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase and return products ordered in the webshop within 14 (fourteen) days after reception of the products. Such cancellation has to be declared in writing, using the completely filled out form provided for download by elly swiss AG cancellation form. The deadline is met if the written declaration of cancellation cancellation form is sent within the deadline, with the returned products enclosed. The products must be returned without defects, unopened, in mint condition, by package with all postal duties paid; otherwise the cancellation is regarded to be invalid.

The declaration of cancellation is to be sent to:

elly swiss AG
Hauptstrasse 72
4422 Arisdorf

Consequences of Cancellation:

In case of a valid cancellation, elly swiss AG will within 30 days refund the purchase price, including VAT. The refund does not include the original shipping costs or any customs duties paid by the customer. The shipping costs for return of the product, including any customs duties, are also at the customer’s expense.


8. Intellectual Property Rights

The content of the webshop may not be reproduced as a whole or in part without consent from elly swiss AG for any other purpose than for ordering products from elly swiss AG. All intellectual property rights of elly swiss AG remain reserved. This includes especially trademark rights (whether registered or not), name rights, rights pertaining to the web design and copyrights. elly swiss AG remains the exclusive owner of all such rights.

9. Invalidity of Provisions

Should any provisions of these TBC prove to be invalid, the parties agree that this should not lead to invalidity of the contract as a whole respectively of the remaining provisions. Instead, invalid provisions are to be replaced by valid provisions with economic consequences as close as possible to the replaced provisions.

10. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction

Only Swiss Law is applicable, under exclusion of provisions on the international collision of laws. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Arisdorf, Switzerland.
elly swiss AG, Arisdorf, November 2018.

11. PAR Skincare Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase one PAR Skincare product and use the Product every day for thirty (30) consecutive days, and if you do not like it and believe that the Product is not satisfactory after 30 days of use, please send us both the receipt with the Product and this Money Back Guarantee claim form, to the following address:

elly swiss AG
Hauptstrasse 72
4422 Arisdorf, Switzerland

Terms and conditions – You must be 18 years or older. The Claim Form must contain – the Product purchaser’s name, street address, e-mail, product name, date of purchase, age and gender, the date of filling out the claim form, dates you used the product, the reason why you were dissatisfied. For assistance please contact elly swiss AG, Hauptstrasse 72, 4422 Arisdorf.  All Refund Submissions must be postmarked within fortyfive (45) days of the purchase date shown on the Receipt. Claim forms must show at least a thirty (30)-day usage period